About Us

Since I was born I adore animals, especially dogs. I was lucky, because I got my first golden retriever boy from a reputable breeder, he was Erdőskerti Kamil. Kamil was a very healthy dog, with a super temperament, exactly like every golden should be, because of him I fell in love with this wonderful breed!

Nowadays we share our life with a bunch of goldens and we became a real family together. In 2012 a new chapter began in our life - as our first litter was born. Since then we have had a couple of litters and we are so proud of our Magic Madness babies! Beside some junior and adult champion doggies, the European Winner of 2018 also was born in our kennel. It is always a pleasure for me to follow my puppies lives and keep my fingers crossed for them if they attend any kind of competitions.
Our dogs are truly family members, just like our progenies, so their happiness and comfort were always the priority. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy show dogs with good temper and keep the breed's original purpose, focusing on hunting and working abilities.

Last but not least, I would like to say a big thank you to the man of my life, who supports us, loves me and our doggies, and this beautiful passion could become our lifestyle.